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What The SCEDC Does

We work directly with local businesses and companies looking to invest in Sheboygan County. Our mission is to remove barriers to growth for these firms and help them make informed strategic decisions. We provide direct services in the areas of alternative business finance, location consulting, and workforce development. In addition to a full-time, professional staff, we draw on the vast experience and knowledge of local business executives and community leaders that make up our Board of Directors. We help our clients make expansion and investment decisions quickly, based on accurate, timely information. Watch testimonials here.  


Non-Traditional Finance

We work with firms that are making an investment in Sheboygan County. We help package alternative financing tools for business expansion when traditional bank loans alone will not work. We use these tools to finance new or existing building costs, equipment purchases, and permanent working capital needs to move your expansion project forward. We have experience with tools such as SBA Loans, local revolving loan programs, industrial revenue bonds, Wisconsin Income and Historic tax credits, microloans, tax increment financing , transportation grants, workforce training funds, and more.


Site Selection

We have created the most accurate list of available, broker-represented buildings and sites in Sheboygan County. We maintain a list of early-stage building developments that may suit your needs. Additionally, we can analyze and compare factors such as utility costs, public transportation availability, and taxes that can affect the cost of doing business inside and outside the County. We utilize geographic information systems (GIS), demographic data, and custom mapping applications to help you identify the ideal location for your business.


Workforce Development

We help connect companies to a vast array of workforce development resources. We work closely with two area non-profit workforce training organizations and three state workforce training programs to maximize planned training efforts. We can supply current information on the local workforce pool including size, wages, and introductions to pipelines of potential employees. Finally, we can help you access job creation incentives designed to encourage investment in Sheboygan County.


Personalized Business Services

We meet with area businesses one on one to address their challenges and concerns. The more we learn about your planned expansion, the greater the likelihood we can alleviate your barriers to growth, and get your project on the fast track to completion.